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Cloud Engineering Manager

Shape the future of electricity, by enabling thriving and autonomous product teams in Easee!

Shape the future of electricity, by enabling thriving and autonomous product teams in Easee! 

Our vision in to shape the future of electricity and business culture. Our goal for 2021 is to sell 500 000 chargers for electric cars, and our long-term goal is 5 million sold units by 2025! We expect to gain large market shares in Europe and in the rest of the world. Easee will be recognized as world-leading in charge- and power control technology. It's going to be a remarkable journey which we now want to share with more people! 

The Cloud team has more than doubled in 6 months to around 20 engineers spread across 4 domain teams. The teams take ownership of IoT infrastructure, Charging experience, Energy management and our support platform. Our engineers are experts in frontend, backend, distributed systems and AWS operations. To make Easee a place where all team members can do amazing things, we need leaders to coach and support the teams in their various needs of guidance and support.  

Supporting these autonomous teams, your job is not to decide on what they build, but rather to contribute with insight into the bigger picture of the Easee ecosystem and to give the teams the tools and support needed to make the best decisions for their product/business area. 

You will be challenged in your ability to balance facilitating and managing, to find a good way to further enable the team to be problem – not task solvers. You will also be challenged with continuing our learning curve on how to deliver and scale fast – while maintaining quality. 


What we offer 

  • An influential role in one of Norway's fastest scaling profitable start-ups with big plans for the journey onward! 
  • Emerge yourself in a company culture characterized by love, compassion and honesty. 
  • Contribute to solving difficult technical problems by enabling autonomous teams working in a complex setting and a unique service offering. 
  • Experience balancing engaging tasks and work-life balance. At Easee, we believe everyone is happier, innovative, productive, and kinder if they also have room for meaningful arenas outside of work. 
  • As the company grows, you will too. Rapid growth means new challenges, new responsibilities, new roles, and new team set-ups, so we are confident to promise growth opportunities in Easee. 
  • If your only concern for your next job is the salary, then we might not be a good match. However, that doesn't mean you can`t expect a competitive salary and benefits package at Easee. 

You will work with 

  • Support the engineers in your team through coaching, mentoring, feedback and career development. 
  • Grow a collaborative engineering culture within your team and across domain teams in Easee. 
  • Advocate and advance modern, agile software development practices within your team.  
  • Ensure that the architecture of the products that your team own scale and support the strategy and growth of Easee. 
  • Have ownership of our process and documentation of new solutions and features. 
  • Hire top talent with good culture fit to your team together with the recruitment team. 

To succeed in this role, we believe you need 

  • A background in software engineering, thus having strong problem-solving skills 
  • Knowledge of software architecture and agile processes 
  • Preferably experience with Cloud Computing and scalability 
  • A passion for helping and enabling others 
  • Experience in leading and mentoring others 
  • If you lack this experience, you will need other informal experiences and initiatives where you have built your relational skills, to make you ready for this as your next step. 
  • Strong communication skills 

As this is a new role in the team, we are open to hearing about how you would want to shape the role and to discuss with you how you see yourself in this role. We would love to hear in your cover letter how you picture yourself and your skills can impact Easee. 

Personal qualities 

In addition to technical competency and relevant experience, we also believe you need to be patient and taking a long-term perspective. You stay calm and solution oriented in stressed situations and create a stable atmosphere for the people around you. While you might come from or still are operative in coding and doing things yourself, you really thrive when you get to develop people and teams to build awesome stuff.  


We happily accept applications in either Norwegian or English. 



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