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We are looking for an analytical storyteller who can crack the codes in our numbers.
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Easee’s vision is to shape the power grid of the future. In 2021, we aim to sell 500,000 charging unit for electric cars. Our long-term target is 5 million units sold by 2025, and we expect to achieve a major market share in the global market. We want Easee to be recognized as a world leader in charging and power management technology. An eventful journey we want to share with more people.

Easee Operations:

Our responsibility is to build a smart and efficient foundation that will enable us to be robust and ready to handle the strong growth in Norway, Europe and further. We work with all the processes and systems throughout the organization, and we have a strong value chain focus; we are no better than our weakest link. We must constantly raise the standard in everything we do, as we grow, the ripple effects will have greater consequences than before. We want to be even more data-driven, analytical and build bigger "muscles" in the organization by implementing what is most important and strategically smart for the future of Easee. We are passionate about finding solutions to recurring challenges and we want to be able to glimpse icebergs on the horizon before we see them in the rearview mirror.

The people of Easee:

First and foremost, we search for your personality, your driving force and your competence (in that order). We do not look for the one who is perfect on paper, but the one who is perfect for our team and for Easee. Easee is a value-driven company that puts people first.

We are looking for people who identify with several of these characteristics and abilities:

  • Good, preferably extremely good, with data management and data analysis
  • Can ask the right questions for the data to answer
  • Will give our data a clear voice in the form of visual communication
  • Understands the interface between process and system. For example, selecting and managing the data that best describes our processes and results
  • Interest or experience in proactive performance indicators
  • Interest in managing, interpreting and retrieving large amounts of data from our smart products (IoT world)
  • A critical thinker who also appreciates intuition and creativity
  • Reflective, confident and open to being challenged to think in new ways
  • Pedagogical, curious and willing to help people make more data-driven decisions when needed
  • Would rather do three things really well, than do ten things just fine

The role and the team:  

You will work with the Operations Team and we will define the role together. It can be Analyst, Data Storyteller, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, or similar. It will materialise during the recruitment process what role is best suited for the candidate and for us in the team.

No matter the role, title or position; to be a true match for the company culture, you must both understand, recognize and want to work for the vision and goals of Easee. This means, among other things, that you commit to working to become the best version of yourself. As is well known, change comes from within, and therefore it is absolutely fundamental for us to preserve and build around our culture.

Are you considering submitting an application?

In Easee, you will have great freedom and responsibility to solve problems and identify new opportunities in a way that works best for you. Easee has a strong financial solidity, and is owned by the founders, employees and investors.

The physical and geographical location you choose to work from is not that important, however work hours will be according to the Central European Time. Geographically, Easee Headquarters is located in Stavanger, Norway and we also have cool offices in The UK, Netherlands and Germany. Some travel days must be expected, especially if you are located remotely.

We are reviewing applicants consecutively, and hope that you find your potential dream job with us!


Sandnes , Amsterdam, Bergen, Glasgow, Oslo og Wismar

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Grenseveien 19
4313 Sandnes Veibeskrivelse Vis side


Johan Huizingalaan 763A
1066 VH Amsterdam Veibeskrivelse Vis side


5014 Bergen Veibeskrivelse Vis side


G2 3NY Glasgow Veibeskrivelse Vis side


0184 Oslo Veibeskrivelse Vis side


23966 Wismar Veibeskrivelse Vis side

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